Saturday, May 20, 2006


It's official. The 2006 Kansas City Royals now possess the worst road start in the history of Major League Baseball.

Well, I missed the first game of the I-70 series - not that big of a dissappointment - there is a pretty good chance we'll be swept with only one or two of the games actually competitive in the late innings. The fiancee was graduating last night - good for her!

However, after poking around the web, Star, and Sportscenter (hey, at least the lowly Royal's were mentioned) I've got a decent feel for how the game went down. Looks like Mr. Redman managed to blow a 5 run lead with 6 earned in 4+ innings. Solid.

On to some good news. The fans out at the K last night got to see Pujols go deep for number 20 of the year. More good news, this time roster related. Huber has gone down where he will actually get some at bats and some more time to learn to play first. I, with the rest of the Royals' fans, am speechless as to the point of Huber's stay here in KC. I don't know. Shane Costa came back from his hamstring injury to relieve Stevie Wonder, I mean Kerry Robinson, in center (who was optioned to Omaha). Guiel is still here too, however platooning with Emil Brown. I'm just happy to see him still in KC. Guiel should get some ABs agains St. Louis righty Anthony Reyes who is making his ML debut for the 2006 season. Royals are sending Denny to the bump. Hopefullly, he'll turn those flashes of brilliance (see ML debut in LA last year) into some sort of consistency.

Since I didn't see the game that's about all I've got to say.


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