Sunday, May 21, 2006

Another day another Royals' loss

The boys in blue lost their 8th straight overall and their second in a row to thier cross-state "rivals". Bautista pitched very well, giving up only one run in six innings. Then Budd brings in Burgos in his return to middle relief to pitch the seventh. After a solid seventh he gives up a walk and a base hit to Eckstein and Speizio, respectively, and then gets Pujols fly to DEEP center - about 430 feet. 4-0.

Then we come to the bottom of the eigth and the Royals' mount a comeback. The Royals' managed to bring the score to 4-2 but it very well could have / should have been more. I'm not really sure what I think about Gruds running through a stop sign in the bottom of the eighth. Silverio was just about standing on the plate holding up the stop sign so I can sort of understand why Gruds may have missed it. However, if he would have stopped the good guys would have had second and third - which would have been the tying runs - with only one gone for Matty Stairs. I don't know. At least he was hustling?

A couple of comments about the happenings throughout baseball yesterday. Bonds slugged number 714 to tie the Babe for second all time. Something just seems fishy with Bonds to me (and the rest of mankind). Granted, he has never failed a drug test but MLB wasn't testing when he was jacking home runs at a rediculous pace.

How about Michael Barrett walloping AJ after he was bowled over on a play at the plate? Apparently Mr. Barrett didn't appreciate what looked to be a clean play and decided to let AJ's face know what he thought about it with his fist. I just couldn't help but laugh.

Those are my musings for the day. Thanks for reading.


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