Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ten straight

Well, the Royals' lost their tenth straight game to the first-place Detroit Tigers. Justin Verlander pitched a complete game five hitter and made me thankful that we'd missed him in our two previous encounters with the Tigers. Costa, Minky and Brown all managed a hit while Gruds picked up two. Guiel managed a walk, however, a few moments later the inning ended as he was picked off first.

Well, it appears that the players only meeting held on prior to Monday's game did a lot of good. I guess we could still see some sort of a turnaround - maybe Verlander is that good. If he really is (who are we kidding, the Royals are just that bad) the Padres made a nice decision to go with Matt Bush. Maybe not. Didn't he get into a bar fight just after being drafted?

The Royals are really, really bad. A buddy just mentioned that we've been swept in 9 of 15 series this year. I checked it out and sure enough it's true. It's kind of fun because we're starting to get some play on BBTN and Sportscenter because of the futility. Speaking of BBTN, they threw up a stat that said the 06 Royals are one of four teams (I think it was four) that have two, ten or more game losing streaks within the first fifty games of a season. Quality.


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