Wednesday, May 24, 2006

11 Straight...Again

People keep asking me about the Royals and all I can think to say is "they're terrible". Now I keep thinking that "they're terrible" just doesn't cut it. This team cannot be described as terrible anymore. I would imagine that every person outside of KC - and many within - that is not a Royals fan is hoping that this team loses every game the rest of the season and finishes 10-152. We all know that isn't going to happen but the team does need to snap out of this skid to prove it. I relate what other fans think of this team to a good team and winning. People in New York get upset when the Yankees lose. Now people all around the country get upset when the Royals win.

The bats somewhat came alive in last nights 8-5 loss to the Tigers. Four homers were a nice surprise, especially the first two of the season by Gruds. However, as this team can always seem to find a new way to lose a game, our "best" reliever comes in to attempt a four out save with the good guys leading 5-3. The Tigers promplty rallied and by the end of the eighth the Royals trailed 7-5. Another run in the top of the ninth and "that's all she wrote". 8-5 and the second 11 game losing streak of this still young season.


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