Friday, July 21, 2006

Back in the action

Today marks exactly one month since the last post. I can't even really remember what what going on with the Royals during the last post. The Royale's (the 'e' was intentional) have played well since the hiring of new GM Dayton Moore. The team went something like 16-12 leading up to the all-star break and have gone 2-6 since. However, those losses were to the Tigers and Red Sox in Detroit and Boston. The Royals were swept by the Sawx, losing two straight games one nill. The last time Boston won two straight games 1-0 at home, Babe Ruth was one of the winning pitchers. In those two games the Royals squandered good pitching by Brandon Duckworth and Luke Hudson.

Let's see, Aaron Guiel was picked up by the Yankee's a couple of weeks ago. In his first game in a Yankee's uniform he went something like 2-4 with three runs scored and a walk. Good for him.

I don't know, the team is still very, very bad. I would like to see a Florida Marlins-esque fire sale and get rid of everyone over the age of 26. Maybe keep a Graffanino and Grudseilanek (or however in the hell you spell that) around for some veteran presence. What are they going to do, lose 100 games?