Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A Different Look

Well there are all sorts of "different looks" since my last post. Personally, I got married June 3rd, headed off to sunny Florida for about week and had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday, the day we returned - hence the reason for the lack of posts.

As for the Royals' I didn't pay a whole lot of attention other than the occasional USA today articles or whaterver I could catch on Sportscenter or BBTN. Speaking of USA today, the paper did a story on Luke Hochevar and another on Dayton Moore. I was very surprised to two entire articles devoted to the worst team in baseball in a national newspaper. However, I did keep up on the team enough to remember some of the more important moves.

The boys' in blue went 1-3 in the four game set in Seattle June 2-5, then 1-2 against the Rangers June 6-8 and 1-2 against the D Rays June 9-11. The team then headed back to the west coast to start a 6 game road trip against Anaheim and Houston, losing the first game to the Angels last night 4-3.

As for the "different looks" for the Royals, obviously new GM Dayton Moore heads up that list. Following closly on his heels would have to be the starting rotation. The rotation, as I see it, now consists of Ellarton, Redman, Keppel, new acquired Brandon Duckworth and Mike Wood. I'm pretty okay with that rotation seeing as how three of the guys could be a part of the future. The Royals also acquired reliever Todd Wellemeyer from the Marlins.

On an interesting note, the Royals turned the first triple play in club history since the 1995 season. It was an odd play and I don't feel like describing it when you can read about it or watch it at:


I'll work on making that a decent hyperlink when I remember my html. As for now if you can't figure out how to copy and paste the above then I don't know how you found this.


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